Title : Masters of Puppets Festival 2017
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Festival Information (26/06-02/07/17) :

Masters of Puppets Open Air Festival is presented by an experienced and enthusiastic team of psychedelic music addicts.
The team consists of three Viennese events and music labels: Kodama, Psygsichta and Masters Of Puppets.
They are successfully organizing events on all kind of scales with different styles of psychedelic music for years.
This annual gathering is meant to give an opportunity to experience and express psychedelic arts and music on a different level with the lowest possible impact on nature.
We don't have commercial interests; we just love the music, the art and the people in our beautiful subculture, and want to provide a space where artists can express themselves and present their talent and music to a broad international audience.
The balance between well-known and advanced producers and promising newcomers is important to us in our lineup, as we have a big motivation to support young artists.
Shortly said we want to create a space for psychedelic freaks to feel free and unique and party hard. :D
Also it is important for us that our event has elements that can help our individual personal and psychedelic development and raise consciousness. That's why we present a broad variety of activities that can be mind-altering.
While music lovers can enjoy more than 174 hours of high bpm music on two stages, there will be several shows, workshops and teachings including yoga, arts and meditation, plus speeches about alternative lifestyles, animal rights, environmental issues and many other relevant topics.
It was really important to us to establish an event and event infrastructure that is as sustainable as possible, as most of us try to act and consume as consciously and sustainable as possible in our everyday lives.
We are selling mainly regional and organic products. We don't sell products from imperialistic companies like Coca Cola, Nestlé, Kraft foods, Suez or others.
In our strong disagreement with those companies’ politics we will not sell water in one way plastic bottles and also won't charge for water at the bars.
We are not selling any cans or one-way plastics. Also we are separating our trash and keeping the amount as low as possible. We are giving free pocket ashtrays to everyone at the gate. We are not cutting down any trees and try to leave our location in the way we found it.
Also the event has a charity aspect: every year we are letting in one nationality for free. Additionally we are donating 10% of our profit to a good cause.

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