Title : Advanced Japanese Lesson #72: New Kanji Compounds Pt. II / 上級日本語:レッスン 72「新四字熟語 Pt. II」
Description : Learn Japanese pitch-accent and pronunciation from my Patreon Series "Japanese Phonetics"

"New Kanji Compounds Pt. II" Music by Bossfight. Check the other videos in my Japanese Lesson series to learn the super secret Japanese tips I've picked up over the years and go beyond JLPT N2 I mean N1* ...Perhaps the most advanced Japanese lessons on the internet. Definitely.

Also check my twitter and Instagram for Japanese language tips and lessons everyday. Covers beginner, intermediate, and advanced Japanese.

*Not entirely applicable to the JLPT.

今回は「新四字熟語」について話をします。新四字熟語。New Kanji Compounds Pt. II

*Not entirely applicable to the JLPT.
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