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Title : Without Warning - Metal Detecting A "Peaceful" Place
Description : In this metal detecting adventure I'm being "attacked" by helicopters...

The hunt couldn't start better. I found a very nice, peaceful and quiet place on my way somewhere else. I decided to find out if there is a "hidden" coin in the small creek I discovered. Unfortunately the spot was loaded with iron (probably modern nails and barbed wire).

Nevertheless I was able to find a good sounding target. I was about to recover it, when all of the sudden a loud propeller noise started coming closer and closer. It was a helicopter right behind the trees (actually it sounded like there were two).
It looked like he was about to perform a emergency landing. The helicopter flew several times over a small spot. Unfortunately due to bad dynamic range (compared to a human eye), the camera wasn't able to capture the action in front of highlighted, white clouds.
I uploaded a short clip where you actually can see at least one helicopter for a brief moment. Take a look:

After a few seconds I began to think, that the helicopters are dumping chemicals over the hill (and valley). Because of relatively strong wind (blowing from this direction) and because of a story someone told me, I decided to take my detector and "run".

Here is the short background story:

It must have been last year (?), when I walked in this area and discovered "warning signs" (aerial chemical spraying over vineyards). A old man saw me studying the signs and we began talking. He told me that when he was walking close to vineyards, a helicopter came out of nowhere and sprayed him with a load of chemicals!
When something like this happens to a well aware local, imagine what can happen to someone who has no clue about the practices in this area.

With this story in mind (and because I'm always a little bit concerned when I hear helicopters...), the only option was to imagine, that the same is about to happen to me.
I was very angry at myself that I wasn't able to leave earlier (the curiosity won).

Right after this incident I really had enough, almost packed my gear and left. But I thought that when I do that, I will be even more disappointed at home. I decided to take the risk, moved away from the direction of the wind and a possible "contamination zone". I had to enter the woods and leave a hill between.

Were the helicopters really spraying chemicals that day? I don't know. While my sense of smell is extraordinary (I can smell the usual chemical treatment applied to vineyards from a very long distance), but I couldn't smell anything coming from the helicopters (which doesn't mean anything - some chemicals may be odorless).

So, it is hard to tell, but with that story in mind I believe that it was the right decision to at least create some distance...

You probably want to know, what happened to the recovered target (the small plug I dropped when the helicopters came). I came back to this location some other time and found it. It was a small piece of foil.

Thanks for watching.

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